Northern Lights after the Solar Maximum

By Kevin Collins | Abisko, Swedish Lapland Holidays, Seginfo Northern Lights Facts, Seg info Northern Lights Holidays, Seg info Abisko Sky Station, Lapland Breaks | Posted 23 Jun 2014

Northern Lights after the Solar Maximum

The Travel Media have written millions of column inches over the last two years about the Solar Maximum and its impact on generating the northern lights. Now that we are moving through the peak what does this mean
for aurora hunters?

Let’s first examine what the solar maximum has meant over the last two winters!

Firstly the solar maximum compared to previous cycles has not been as intense but the frequency of sightings has been higher than the average (particularly during the winter of 2012).

The Northern Lights on fine form at Abisko

For example in Abisko, Swedish Lapland during this winter on average 3 out of 4 nights had some degree of northern lights activity. The other impact has been some incredible one off solar flares which have resulted in a few spectacular displays ...even as far south as Southern Europe! Many people in the UK have been treated to aurora displays particularly from Yorkshire up through Scotland!

So what happens next?

The 2014 winter sees the tail of the solar maximum so we are still expecting some impressive displays and for those who want to see the most amazing natural phenomenon there should be consistent and excellent displays in the Arctic Circle.

Our advice would be to select destinations that have an excellent sightings record. Take note that not all regions experience the same frequency of aurora occurrence. Weather, cloud, time of season & light pollution can all have an impact.

The miracle of the Northern Lights

Our ten years of offering northern lights holidays has resulted in us focusing on a number of locations, in Swedish Lapland in
particular, which each and every year register impressive viewing stats. Abisko in Swedish Lapland heads the list and should be on any keen aurora hunters list.

The reason why Abisko is so good is primarily and uniquely down to the fact that it is in a low precipitation zone, which results in the highest number of clear night in the region! There is nothing more frustrating than a good aurora display hidden behind clouds – Abisko Sweden has the most cloud free skies in Sweden! 

It is no surprise that the world renowned aurora sky station in Abisko National Park has become such a focal point and that both Chad Blakely and Peter Rosen, 2 of the world’s best aurora photographers have their
base there.

A Photographers dream !

We have been growing our portfolio of holidays to Abisko and combining it with a number of other regional highlights.

Take a look at our Northern Lights Holidays Abisko:

Any holiday to try and see the aurora needs to be carefully planned to ensure that you not only get the best chances to see them, but that your holiday leaves you with fantastic memories if you are unlucky not to witness them. Be active, try new experiences and stay in some of the ultra-friendly family run hotels and lodges and you will not be disappointed!


About Kevin Collins

Kevin grew up in the wilds of Africa and with family scattered all over the world was introduced to long haul travel from an early age. This turned into a lifelong passion which he has been fortunate to turn into a successful career.

Having spent 20 years in marketing roles in a variety of business environments Kevin set up Weekend a la Carte to provide the kind of experiential breaks that are increasingly being sought after by clients eager to find enriching ways of spending valuable leisure time.

Kevin has increasingly become fascinated with the Northern Lights, and has built up a wealth of knowledge over the years as to how to increase your chances of seeing the Northern Lights taking into account weather patterns, moon cycles , solar pulses and daylight hours. Kevin is also a fervent believer in making sure that the break is action packed so you have a fantastic time , even if the Aurora Borealis does not show.

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