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Abisko & Iceland Northern Lights Capitals Adventure

Break available: December - End of March
8 Night Break

Combining Iceland and Swedish Lapland into an extended Arctic Break offers a range of diverse experiences with exceptional opportunities for witnessing the full beauty of the northern Lights.

Combine a stay in our Wilderness Cabin in Iceland with a stay at the Mountain Lodge at Abisko in Swedish Lapland for a Northern Lights Capital experience!

Both locations have excellence incidence of Northern Lights Sightings so we would be amazed if you don’t see them during your break. We would expect you to see them more than once!

Between your northern lights hunts in Iceland and Swedish Lapland stop and stay in the bustling Icelandic capital Reykjavik renown for it’s superb seafood restaurants, and in Stockholm where you will spend a night at the fun Rival Hotel, (owned by Benny Anderson of ABBA fame).

This  is the ultimate Northern Lights holiday adventure


  • 9 Day Northern Lights Break in 2 of the world’s leading locations for Aurora.
  • 3 Nights in private boutique wilderness cabin in Iceland.
  • 3 Nights in Abisko Mounatain Lodge in one of the best areas on earth for northern lights hunting.
  • 1 Night staying at the Rival in Stockholm, owned by Benny Anderson, the second “B” in ABBA!
  • 1 Night Staying in Reykjavik, Iceland’s vibrant capital.
  • Golden Circle Highlights; Gullfoss, Geyser and 4WD Tour in Iceland.
  • SuperJeep Adventure: Eyjafjallajökull Volcano or Porsmork Valley.
  • Dinner at Aurora sky station in Abisko, Swedish Lapland.
  • Aurora Photo evening with Lights Over Lapland in Abisko National Park.
  • Scenic train trip to Narvik in the Norwegian Fjords.
  • Husky sled Adventure in Abisko.
  • Visit to the Original IceHotel in Swedish Lapland.
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Fly to Reykjavik. Transfer to your Private Wilderness Cabin, Private Dinner cooked at the cabin by your guide

On arrival your transfer will be waiting to take you to take you to your wilderness cabin.

As this brand new house is situated in a secluded rural area there are excellent opportunities to view the Northern Lights without any light interference at night and also have wonderful views of the famous Eyjafjallajokull Volcano during the day. You will have the place exclusively  to yourselves and so this is a very special trip.

Tonight the guide will come and cook a bbq or 3 course meal for you at the cabin. We have had excellent feedback on the quality of his cooking with the bbq lamb from his family farm being particularly well rated.

Afterwards he will retire to leave you to relax and enjoy the peace and solitude of the cabin this evening and hopefully your first look at the Northern Lights.

The guide provides a wake up service if the Northern Lights should appear whilst you are asleep.

If you would prefer you can have your own self drive 4 WD vehicle.

Meals included: Dinner

Golden Circle Highlights 4WD Tour

After breakfast your guide will take you on the Golden Circle Highlights 4WD Tour, famed for Strokur Geyser which erupts every 5 mins and the magnificent Gullfoss Waterfall which can totally freeze in the winter.

You will also see the beautiful area of Pjorsardalur behind Mount Helka. This area is full of waterfalls, including Háifoss, the tallest waterfall in Iceland.

Tonight you will cook for yourself and hopefully enjoy some Northern Lights. You will pre-choose your meal before you go so that your ingredients and recipe are waiting for you at the cabin.

Meal Included: Breakfast, Self Cooked Dinner

Choose a Fantastic Super Jeep Adventure

We work only with local guides who have lived their whole life in this area, they are very experienced guides belonging to the Mountain Rescue Team, and all have fascinating stories to tell of their experiences during the 2010 eruption.

We always have fabulous feedback on this day and how much people enjoy the personalised, relaxed guided day they experience with these enthusiastic and local guides who try so hard to give you that extra special day.

Super Jeeps take up to 8 people but the norm is for 4 people. Note this is in sharp contrast to the coach tours that are available through other companies, and which also cannot access most of the area that we take you to. This is serious off-roading!

Today you have a choice of 2 Super Jeep adventures.

Eyjafjallajökull’s volcano Tour

This tour will take you as close as is possible to the new large crater in Eyjafjallajökull volcano from the 2010 eruption and to places where no hire car can go.

We drive up the slopes of the glacier in a highly equipped Super-Jeep and on our way take in the astonishing view over the whole South coast of Iceland with it’s glaciers, and back across the Atlantic including the Westman-Islands.

This tour gives you the perfect glacier experience; an exciting Super Jeep drive in the snow, walk on the glacier and the magnificent view over the south. This is real adventure!

Porsmork valley Tour

Your guide will take you up between the three glaciers; Myrdalsjokull, Eyjafjallojokull and Tindfjallojokull. In your specially adapted SuperJeeps you will have the thrilling drive of fjording glacial rivers and driving across the flood plain to see the lasting effects and landscape changes following Eyjafjallajökull’s 2010 eruption.

You will be surrounded by an imposing mountain ridge and see spectacular landscapes. We describe it as similair to a production set from Lord of the Rings when they go to Mordur with dramatic towering black volcanic cliffs. Stop at the stunning Seljalandsfoss waterfall , which you can walk behind and be mesmerised looking back through the falling water. If you wanted to see the “Raw Iceland” this is hard to beat!

Tonight you will cook for yourself and hopefully enjoy a final evening of Northern Lights. You will pre-choose your meal before you go so that your ingredients and recipe are waiting for you at the cabin.

For those who would prefer to not cook and go out instead there is the option to upgrade to taking a 3 course meal at Hotel Anna. This local country retreat has a wonderful friendly atmosphere and serves superb home cooked country food. The menu is based on regional traditions and seasonal ingredients are sourced from local farmers and fishermen. Extra Price is £60 per person

Meals Included: Breakfast, Self cooked Dinner

A la Carte Optional Extras

  • Northern Lights Hunt with Bonfire
  • Northern Lights on top of the Glacier
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A la Carte Optional Extras

Northern Lights Hunt with Bonfire

Hotel Ranga has an excellent reputation for Northern Lights Sightings due to its location in a rural area with a higher frequency of clear nights.

However we want to give you the very best chance possible so tonight you will be picked up for a 3 hour adventure to hunt out the Northern Lights with one of the local mountain guides.

In a specially adapted 4WD super jeep you will be taken inland off-road to the back of the famed Mount Helka to try and see if you can find the Northern Lights. This volcanic area is near Tindfjallajökul Glacier whose cooling effect creates clear skies critical for spotting the Northern Lights. This area also has very few artificial lights to spoil your viewing as many of the farms in the area were abandoned due to a previous volcanic eruption.

The beauty of this tour is that the guide will take you to the best area based on the forecast to see the Northern Lights and so give you the best chance of seeing them.

Stop for a warm up by a bonfire and a hot drink in a cave , or on the black volcanic beaches with a bonfire and a hot drink whilst your guide tells you about both the Northern Lights Phenomenon and some of the folklore and local superstitions!

Price per person: From £115

Aurora Borealis in Iceland
Aurora over black volcanic beaches in Iceland as seen on superjeep Aurora Hunt
Aurora Borealis over black beaches in Vik on SuperJeep tour in Iceland

Northern Lights on top of the Glacier

We are very excited with this new offer which we have worked up with our “local man” on the ground. Tonight he will take you up to 1600 M on top of the glacier on top of Eyjafjallajökull volcano in a SuperJeep to hunt the Northern Lights. The glacier cools the air creating clear skies which is what you need for the Northern Lights giving you an excellent chance of seeing them ! Even if they don’t show you will have an incredible evening gazing at thousands of stars above you – crystal clear in the darkness. The snow reflects the moonlight and the tiny lights of the villages can be seen well below you. This is a 4 hour trip as it will take you 90 mins each way as you climb in your superjeep up the steep volcano – an adventure in itself.

Price per person:  From £190

Northern Lights in Iceland
Aurora Borealis in Iceland
Northern lights as seen on super-jeep hunt ontop of the glacier in Iceland

Blue Lagoon & Reykjavik overnight

This morning your guide will transfer you to the Blue Lagoon, one of Iceland’s most famous sites. Take an ‘in water spa treatment’ or simply bathe in the warm bright blue waters whose geothermal waters are known for their natural healing properties. Put Silica mud on your face or try out the Sauna and Steam rooms which are carved into the lava.

Spend a couple of hours at the Blue Lagoon before being dropped off in central Reykjavik, where you have the evening to explore Reykjavik’s capital city.

Overnight in Reykjavik.

Meals Included: Breakfast

A la Carte Optional Extras

  • SuperJeep tour of the Black Volcanic Beaches and Secret Ice Cave – South Iceland
  • Snowmobiling on the Mýrdalsjökull glacier
  • Transfer to Glacier Hiking on glacial tongue Seimajökull
  • Riding in Icelandic Countryside
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A la Carte Optional Extras

SuperJeep tour of the Black Volcanic Beaches and Secret Ice Cave – South Iceland

Take a SuperJeep to Vik in south Iceland (@ 1 1/4hr). where you will go on a very old track that only Super Jeeps can cross in order to reach the Secret Ice Cave.

The ice cave, known as ‘The Secret Ice Cave’, and the glacier itself, present you with black, white, and blue ice that is over 800 years old! Inside the cave there are high walls of ice that have been sculpted by glacial water throughout the centuries. Water drips all around and the air is cold and fresh. Helmets (and Crampons if conditions require) are supplied. The beauty of this cave it is not visited by hundreds of people unlike some of the others which means they don’t have the magical atmosphere of this secret ice cave.

There are plenty of things to see on the way and back to Vik . The black volcanic beaches and dramatic basalt formations of Reynisdrangar with its famous archway. The dramatic and thundering Skogar Waterfall – one of the highest in Iceland at 60M and certainly worth a few photos! Finally everyone enjoys the stop at Seljalandsfoss Waterfall where you can walk behind and gaze out through the falling water. This tour takes about 5 hours.

Price Per Person: From £195

Secret Ice Cave in South Iceland
Secret Ice Cave in South Iceland
Secret Ice Cave in South Iceland
Secret Ice Cave in South Iceland
Secret Ice Cave in South Iceland
South Iceland Blizzard

Snowmobiling on the Mýrdalsjökull glacier

You will be picked up and taken to the Snowmobile Meeting Point. Here you will transfer to a Super Jeep to go on rough tracks up to the Snowline of the Eyjafjallajökull glacier to take an exhilarating 1 hour’s snowmobile ride with superb views back down to the Atlantic Coast.

While the south is certainly spectacular from “below” nothing beats experiencing it from “above”! Snowmobiling on top of Eyjafjallajökull glacier is an extraordinary experience. This snowmobile tour is the perfect length of time for first-time riders and individuals looking for a scenic, fun ride, exploring and experiencing the wilderness, the glacier and the breathtaking views over South Iceland in good weather. After a short safety briefing you will be dressed in the warm arctic thermals and helmet that are provided– but please wear very warm socks and hiking boots.  You will snowmobile for about an hour on a shared snowmobile, but don’t worry there will be time to swop so you both get the chance to drive (2 people per Snowmobile).

Price Per Person: From £180

Snowmobiling on Eyjafjallajokull Glacier in Iceland
Snowmobiling in Iceland
Snowmobiling on Eyjafjallajokull Glacier in Iceland

Transfer to Glacier Hiking on glacial tongue Seimajökull

Transfer to join the small group visiting the magnificent frozen glacial tongue Seimajokull and hike on the glacier. Explore the crevasse riddled outlet glacier with its amazing ice formations, sinkholes and jagged ridges.

You will be on the ice 1 ½ hrs-2 hrs and the pace is leisurely with plenty of stops to talk about the formation of Glaciers and Global warming etc. The Glacier is a 20 min walk from the starting point.

We will provide all the tools you need: crampons and safety lines but you must wear Hiking Boots for the Crampons to fit onto.

Price Per Person: From £85

Glacial hiking in Iceland
Hiking on the glacier, Iceland
Glacial hiking group in Iceland

Riding in Icelandic Countryside

A purebreed descendant of its Viking ancestors from the 9th century, the Icelandic horse is a product of isolation and a thousand years of breeding for good riding qualities, resulting in a gentle, friendly disposition and calm manner that make them a delight for anyone to ride. Whilst small in size they are hardy animals that have an unusual gait called a tolt. As fast as a trot but it is much smoother- indeed there are competitions where people hold full glasses of unspilt beer as they ride the tolt!

You have a choice of a 1hr or 2 hr ride by Irafoss Waterfall, or a 3hr ride through a lake and then onto the black Volcanic beach beside the Atlantic ocean where there is a possibility of seeing some seals.

OR a different 3hr ride which takes you up steep tracks towards the Eyjafjallajökull Volcano. Here you will be able to enjoy a spectacular panoramic view of the glacier behind you and in front of you the Atlantic Ocean in all its glory.

Finally there is the option to take a 2 hour ride through farmland , followed by a choice of a Jacuzzi or Sauna and a light lunch.

Price Per Person: From £75 to £245 (Dependent on tour taken)

Icelandic horses crossing the river
Horse riding in the snow in Iceland
Iceland Horses

Day 5
Fly to Stockholm for afternoon at leisure

Transfer to the airport for your flight to Stockholm.

Stockholm has a wealth of attractions such as the extraordinary Vassa Museum, The Nobel Museum and a lovely old city based around the harbour.

There is plenty to enjoy whilst staying at the Rival Hotel. This is a boutique hotel with its own movie theatre and bakery shop, owned in part by composer Benny Andersson, the second “B” in Abba!

Fly to Swedish Lapland and transfer to Abisko. Lappish Welcome Dinner

Transfer to the airport for your flight to Kiruna, in Swedish Lapland . On arrival you will be met and transferred to Abisko Mountain Lodge and after check in kitted out with your complimentary Arctic Clothing Loan.

This evening enjoy the fantastic cuisine at Abisko Mountain Lodge as you partake in their traditional Lappish menu which includes Reindeer, Arctic Char and Cloudberries – 3 of the unique ingredients to the area. The only thing that can interrupt your evening is the Aurora Call. Abisko Mountain Lodge is in a fantastic location for northern lights viewing so if they are out you may be tempted to step out the door and gaze skywards!

Meals Included: Breakfast and Dinner

A la Carte Optional Extras

  • Upgrade to Abisko Mountain Lodge Superior Room
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A la Carte Optional Extras

Upgrade to Abisko Mountain Lodge Superior Room

2015 saw the addition of 4 superior rooms at the Lodge. Housed in a separate annexe across the courtyard these rooms add additional comfort and space. All are en suite and are for exclusive use by our clients.

This is a highly recommended upgrade for the marginal increase in cost

Cost: £48 per person per night subject to availability

Superior room At Abisko Mountain lodge
Superior room Abisko Mountain LODGE
Northern Lights above Abisko Mountain Lodge

Day Trip to Narvik in the Norwegian Fjords. Aurora Photo Evening in Abisko National Park

Enjoy the lodge breakfast before a day trip to Norway!

Take the train from the station near the lodge and follow the famous iron ore railroad with beautiful mountain vistas, frozen waterfalls and stunning Arctic valleys. Once you cross into Norway enjoy the magnificent views and to take photos before continuing up and over Björnfjell – a stunning Norwegian mountain dotted with small grass roofed cottages. Meander down the mountain, where small birch trees give way to large evergreens and dramatic mountains fall steeply down into the Norwegian Fjord.

Once in Narvik you will have around 3 hours to explore town before the return trip. You have the opportunity to ascend to the observation deck of the Scandic Hotel and take coffee or lunch ( not included), do some souvenir shopping or visit the newly built Peace Museum. This state of the art facility offers a glimpse of what life looked like in these majestic Fjords during the second World War Nazi occupation.

This evening enjoy the fine menu at Abisko Mountain Lodge prior to joining the “Lights Over Lapland” team for their exclusive northern lights photo tour designed for weekend a la carte. This gives you fantastic opportunities to see and photograph the aurora borealis in the wilderness of Abisko National Park.

Walk right out the lodge front door and a snowmobile transfer will take you to our exclusive location with commanding views over the mountains and the lake, both of which provide wonderful backdrops for aurora photos! You will have 2 guides, one to instruct you and the other to look after you and make drinks etc. We have a yurt set up with a fire so you can warm up if necessary.

You will be supplied with cameras preset for Aurora photography and spend the evening in Abisko National Park. Whether you are a Pro or never taken a picture in your life you have a great chance of going home after your northern lights holiday with some beautiful aurora photographs and memories that will last a lifetime!

Overnight at Abisko Mountain Lodge.

Meals Included: Breakfast, Picnic Lunch, Dinner

Husky Sledding in Abisko National Park and Dinner at the Aurora Sky Station in Abisko

This is without doubt our most popular activity in Swedish Lapland. Enjoy a morning being driven on by sled dog team through spectacular Abisko National Park, you will see incredible views with Torneträsk in the background.

This evening take the 20 minute spectacular chairlift ride up Mount Nuolja to the Aurora sky station. From this vantage point you have one of the best locations on earth for viewing the Northern Lights if they are out. The sky station serves an excellent 4 course dinner, which is included in your evening.

Transfer down to Abisko Mountain Lodge around midnight.

Meals included: Breakfast and Light Lunch, Dinner

Visit the Original Ice Hotel prior to Flight Home

After breakfast transfer to the airport via the original ICEHOTEL now in its 27th year. Spend a couple of hours exploring the beautiful Art Suites, the chapel and the Icebar or do some last minute souvenir shopping.

You will then be dropped off at the airport for the flight home after your Northern Lights holiday to Iceland and Swedish Lapland.

Price: From £3,295 person

What's Included?

  •  Flights (From the UK) with one hold bag per person
  • 8 nights Accommodation with breakfast (Wilderness cabin, Hotel Reykjavik Centrum, Abisko Mountain Lodge, The Rival Hotel)
  • 1 Super-jeep Tour & 1 4WD Tour in Iceland
  • Exclusive Dinner at Aurora Sky Station in Abisko
  • Husky Adventure in Abisko National Park
  • Northern Lights Photo evening in Abisko
  • Train trip to Narvik
  • Ice Hotel Visit
  • Airport transfers
  • 6 dinners ( 2 self cooked) & 2 lunches

Departure Airports

  • Heathrow
  • Gatwick
  • Manchester

For our international Clients we can link into your Inter continental flights, provide domestic flights in Iceland and Sweden or just offer you the ground plans freeing you up to book your own flights.


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Where You'll Stay

Eyjafjallajokull Wilderness Icelandic Cabin
Dining area of the Wilderness Cabin, Iceland
Dining area of Eyjafjallajokull Wilderness Cabin in Iceland
Eyjafjallajokull Wilderness Cabin, Iceland

Eyjafjallajokull Wilderness Cabin

This bright and airy brand new designer cabin built in 2011 is available for your exclusive use and is set alone in the countryside with a clear view to Eyjafjallajökull Volcano, famed for erupting in 2010. The Area is known for excellent northern lights viewing

What makes this place unique is the outdoor scenery and the open view in all directions. The house is designed to capture this, with big windows, minimalistic architecture and a lot of daylight. It really is a special place and the isolation and lack of external lighting makes it a great place for Northern Lights viewing. Your hosts are near by to cook dinner for you.

There are 4 bedrooms, 3 doubles (or 1 double and 2 twins) and 1 single so the cabin can take up to 7 people, though we guarantee it is exclusively for you for bookings from 2 people upwards. There is wifi and mobile connection, IPOD Docking Station, TV with very limited Channels (Probably in Icelandic) and DVD Player (DVDS not supplied)

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Northern Lights above Abisko Mountain Lodge
Lounge area at Abisko Mountain Lodge
Superior room At Abisko Mountain lodge
Typical room at Abisko Mountain Lodge

Abisko Mountain Lodge

Right in the small hamlet of Abisko, world renowned for the northern lights, lies a small welcoming lodge run by our good friends Mina and Dick Johansson. Dick is one of the most qualified mountain guides in Sweden and looks after all the adventure whilst Mina can be described as a Skier, Creative CEO and ray of sunshine who lights up the Lodge.

Abisko Mountain Lodge offers genuine accommodation in an old-fashioned mountain hotel setting. The service is personal and the cuisine is centred on raw ingredients. It is accredited by the Sapmi Slow Food movement, an award that took 4 years to achieve. Chefs  are dedicated slow-food addicts and produce wonderful nightly meals!

The 16 standard rooms in the low red 'Swedish style house' are all en-suite. Although basic they are warm and cosy. There are no televisions in the rooms as time is spent meeting guests around the bar or in the wonderful lounge area.

Additionally there are 4 new superior rooms added in early 2015. These four rooms are in a separate annexe and are used exclusively by Aurora nights.

Order a coffee or a glass of wine at the bar, read a magazine or spin a yarn about your arctic adventures and the magnificent aurora displays you have seen.

For those wanting to soothe the muscles there is a sauna.

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Saeli Icelandic Cabin in Iceland
Saeli Icelandic Cabin in Iceland
Saeli Icelandic Cabin in Iceland
Saeli Icelandic Cottage in Iceland

Saeli Icelandic Cabin

This small cosy log cabin is well located with wonderful mountain views to the north, and the famed Eyjafjallajökull Volcano that erupted in 2010, and is in a great place to see the Northern lights.

It is perfect for a family or two couples with a separate living/eating area and two main bedrooms and an attic bedroom which kids will love. There is one separate bathroom with shower.

This has been refurbished very recently and is a wonderful place to relax and look out for the Northern Lights, after the excitement of the day adventure super jeep tours.

There is wifi and mobile signal, TV with very limited channels (Probably in Icelandic). The beds are set up as a double in one room, a double with a combined single bunk bed above and then the attic has a mattress on the floor. We would therefore suggest it is perfect for 4 adults and 2 children.

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Hotel Rival Stockholm Sweden
Hotel Rival Stockholm Sweden
Hotel Rival Stockholm Sweden
Hotel Rival Stockholm Sweden

Hotel Rival Stockholm

For those clients wishing to stay in Stockholm overnight we recommend the Rival Hotel. The Rival has its own cinema built 1937 where film previews, concerts and other events are held.

Located at the Mariatorget park on the South Island within short walking distance from the Old Town and 3 stops on the subway from the Central Railway Station.

When opening a decade ago the Rival was widely hailed as Stockholm’s first boutique hotel. Some things have changed since but Rival continues to exude charm and often takes the top spot on Tripadvisor.

The hotel has 7 floors of comfortable rooms. Birch panelling keeps decoration light although in contrast to many other Scandinavian boutique hotels the Rival uses colours and heavy fabrics in a stylish Art Deco-way. The furniture consists mostly of design classics from well-known names such as Claesson and Erik Gunnar Asplund. Portraits of movie stars adorn the comfortable guestrooms. All rooms have 32-inch plasma TV, DVD, iPod dock and Wi-Fi. The front desk has a large collection of DVDs available free to guests.

Little touches are evident throughout the decor and with its cafe and restaurant we think its the best hotel to offer our guests!

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Hotel Reykjavik Centrum in Reykjavik Iceland
Hotel Reykjavik Centrum Standard Double room
Double deluxe room in Hotel Reykjavik Centrum, Iceland
Hotel Reykjavik Centrum, Iceland

Hotel Reykjavik Centrum

Hotel Reykjavik Centrum is a relatively new hotel in the heart of the city, opened on April 1st 2005. It is located on one of Reykjavik’s oldest streets, Adalstraeti, right in the heart of Reykjavik in a newly renovated building, the oldest part of which was built in 1764.

The hotel has 89 rooms, each fitted with modern amenities, such as satellite TV, telephone, Internet access, mini-bar, radio, iron and board, hair dryer, safe and tea & coffee set. All rooms have ensuite bathroom with either a shower or a bath.

During its construction, the remains of a Viking longhouse from the Settlement Period were found. Among the finds excavated at the site were Iceland’s oldest human remains, dating from approximately 870 AD.


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"Your service was excellent-the whole trip was absolutely amazing and went like clockwork…Northern Lights on display and the activities were made even more per-fect by the friendly guides and the very small groups. We will definitely be using your services again"

"We cannot rate this holiday highly enough. Our time in the cabin was truly magical, and Saeli and his team looked after us in every respect. We had lots of fun learning about Iceland, and we were constantly surprised by the stunning scenery and fantastic people that we met."

“We cannot rate this holiday highly enough. Our time in the cabin was truly magical, and Saeli and his team looked after us in every respect. We had lots of fun learning about Iceland, and we were constantly surprised by the stunning scenery and fantastic people that we met."

What our clients think of us

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