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The Ultimate Greenland Aurora Adventures

Imagine travelling to one of the most remote places in the world staying in a 4 star hotel with incredible views of Icebergs from your bedroom.

During the day take a Husky Sled ride with an Innuit across the frozen sea to a tiny settlement, or take an easy hike to the incredible Unesco protected Sermermiut Icebergs and marvel at their raw power and beauty.

At night wander outside, or take a snow shoe walk, to see the Northern Lights.

My goodness Greenland is a special destination which will overwhelm you with its dramatic scale and sheer natural beauty !

Greenland Aurora & Husky Adventure

Greenland Aurora & Husky Adventure

Break available: 17th February - 27th March
Friday only departure
5 Night Break

Have a wilderness adventure as you experience the breathtaking beauty of West Greenland with its Unesco Protected Ice Fjord and gigantic Icebergs. Take a thrilling husky dog sled across the frozen waters to a remote settlement. Stay in the World's most Northerly 4 star Hotel with incredible views across to the Icebergs. Without doubt a Once in a Lifetime Experience!..

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The Best of Greenland and Iceland Wilderness

The Best of Greenland and Iceland Wilderness

Break available: 17th February - 27th March
Friday Only Departure
7 Night Break

Staying in some of the most remote places on this planet you will be blown away by the scale and beauty that you will see in Greenland with its magnificent Icebergs and remote Innuit Settlements which you will visit by Husky sledge. In Iceland experience off roading adventure tours & stay in your own private cabin, often with the Northern Lights on your doorstep...

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“What a stunning place. The icebergs were out of this world! The Husky Sledding took us to the most remote little village called Rodebay – unbelievable how isolated people still live. Greenland was fantastic, we really loved it”

“Just back from a Greenland (Arctic Hotel, Ilulissat) and Iceland (Hollacot cottage) holiday. What a great time. Aurora at both locations. Icebergs at Ilulissat are amaz-ing and the huskies are just pure pulling machines. Thanks to everyone”

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