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Arsaell (Sæli) is the owner of the family run company we work with in South Iceland and it was set up in 2008. Sæli has a great passion for super jeep tours and the magnificent Icelandic nature.  When he started the company Saeli and his girlfriend Gogga had one jeep. Today they have 25 jeeps and 10 snowmobiles !

The company has grown very fast in the last few years, but still retains the personal feel and attention to detail that is so critical to your enjoyment of their superb tours.

At college Sæli learnt to be butcher and is a very good chef and his second passion lies with food. When he isn’t going full out on super jeeps tours, or organising trips he spends his free time with his young family traveling.

Anton is the owner of the small family run adventure company we work with in North Iceland. We call him our  geology/chemistry/meteorology geek as he is just  bursting with knowledge and science that he enthusiastically wants to share with you in a way that will engage and excite you. His stories of volcanic eruptions, rescuing tourists who stupidly tackle fast flowing rivers in ford fiestas, and crazy scientists that he guides to volcanic eruptions will enthral you. Determined to give you the time of your life a trip with Anton is bound to be one to remember!

There is never a dull moment around Magnús Th (Maggi). He loves everything that involves nature or being outdoors and is not frightened to try new things, whether it is mountain biking, ice climbing or hiking in the mountains that surround us.

Maggi has another big passion, which is photography. He has worked a great deal in the movie business, so if you are looking for that perfect picture in Iceland, then Maggi is your guy! He is an all-round amazing guy and it is always a pleasure to be around him.

He loves telling stories of his adventures, whether they are in Iceland or somewhere around the world. There is a high chance that Magnus is looking after you on your Northern Lights Trip.

Ómar is one of the most experienced guides, with a great sense of humour. He is very wise and can show and tell you a great deal about the wonderful area that you will be visiting.

Ómar also owns a few Icelandic horses, and lives out in the countryside with them. He has travelled all around the world, living in many places other than Iceland. Though if you ask him, he will probably tell you that there is no place better than the Icelandic countryside!!

Hilmar is a very outdoorsy person, and is also a member of the local rescue services, taking part in many different projects there. He is always challenging himself in many different projects as he does not enjoy just sitting still and doing nothing!

Hilmar loves music, and when he is not touring around Iceland he spends his time playing his guitar and singing. Hilmar is also an amazing chef and has a great passion for food.

I think it’s safe to say that he is a genius when it comes to finding the Aurora lights. He studies the weather and the forecast every day and can often find out where the Northern Lights will be that night.

Stefan has a big wonderful character and it is always great to be around him, he never sits still and relaxes and is at his best when he has lots of projects to keep him busy.

Stefan is also a musician and can play the guitar and sing, so don’t be surprised if he picks the guitar up during a supertour, and be prepared for a sing a long!

Stefan is a brilliant chef but his specialty is the BBQ; in fact we think he is the king when it comes to cooking on the BBQ!

Geirmundur feels most at home when he is outside, preferably way up in the mountains where there is no phone connection and he can be alone with the nature without any disturbances.

Geirmundur is a very experienced walking guide and spends his free time skiing and hiking around Iceland’s  beautiful country side. He loves being able to go places off the beaten track where nobody else has explored so he can find his own way around and about.

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We guarantee your information will not be shared with others. If at any stage you would like to cancel this then please e-mail info@weekendalacarte.co.uk informing us and we will remove your details from our database.