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Does the Full Moon affect your Northern Lights Viewing?

Many people believe that they should base their break around a new moon in order to increase their chances of seeing the Northern Lights. We wanted to address this issue directly and advise that it really is not the important influencing factor.

Infact the professional photographer Chad Blakley from Abisko Sky Station actually says he had taken some of his best shots during a new moon. Please see the photos and video below taken during a full moon.

Obviously the sky will not be as dark during a Full Moon and so the contrast is not as great. However much more important is the state of the Solar Pulse generating the Northern Lights and how overcast the skies are. Even if the Northern Lights are out if it is overcast and cloudy you will not get to see them.

It is also important to get away from artificial light as this distracts heavily from your Northern Lights viewing experience. It is for that reason that we base our Northern Lights viewing experiences in rural areas such as Abisko and Hotel Ranga.

Please see the photos and video below – all taken during a full moon

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