Enjoy a Holiday Aurora Borealis Hunting in the Arctic

By Kevin Collins | Swedish Lapland Holidays, Northern Lights Holidays, Ice Hotel & Kiruna | Posted 13 Feb 2015

An Aurora Borealis hunting holiday is definitely a very special one and probably one you will only experience once in your life. The Weekend a la Carte holidays begin in Kiruna before heading off into the Arctic wilderness to put guests in the best place for Aurora Borealis hunting.

What is Involved?

Go on a Weekend a la Carte Aurora Borealis hunting trip and you will enjoy a well organized, professionally run adventure that includes a local guide; an invaluable addition to any trip. Guides are likely to be Sami and therefore native to northern Sweden and are full of information about the region. The evening on day one will give you the chance to meet your guide properly and ask any questions you might have. Your guide will no doubt regale you with stories of Sami life, reindeer herding and much more. He will join you on your snowmobile excursions to spot the Aurora Borealis and enjoy dinner, drinks and more storytelling in a Sami teepee with you in the evenings. 

The Arctic wilderness is like no other and while staying in your cosy lodge you will be surrounded by plenty of opportunities to explore it. Weekend a la Carte trips prioritise small group travel which maximises your experience. Mornings can be spent strolling through the fantastic landscape while the sun comes up. Most trips also include a trip to the ICEHOTEL, which is a real eye opener. This stunning construction is awesome in its design and its bar is a great place to indulge in a drink or two.

Night times are for Aurora Borealis hunting and there are several places you might find yourself in search of the theatrical display. Your guide will be in charge of where you go as he has the inside information on where you will get the best sightings.


What Else is On Offer?

There is more to this winter wonderland than the Aurora Borealis and you could get involved in husky sledding adventures too. Imagine driving your own sled pulled by a team of dogs through the forests of the Arctic; thrilling! Or for even more fun in the snow, you could tag on a tour to the Norwegian Fjords.

On your Aurora Borealis hunting trip, you will also enjoy an evening in Abisko, which is thought to be one of the optimum places to see the Lights. Here in Abisko is the famous Abisko Sky Station that has been constructed right in the middle of the Aurora belt. The clear skies and the distance from any artificial lights make sightings of the Aurora Borealis particularly spectacular here.

Your Aurora Borealis hunting holiday will be packed with exciting adventures but options for adding more are endless!


Standard Road sign in the Arctic in Swedish Lapland


About Kevin Collins

Kevin grew up in the wilds of Africa and with family scattered all over the world was introduced to long haul travel from an early age. This turned into a lifelong passion which he has been fortunate to turn into a successful career.

Having spent 20 years in marketing roles in a variety of business environments Kevin set up Weekend a la Carte to provide the kind of experiential breaks that are increasingly being sought after by clients eager to find enriching ways of spending valuable leisure time.

Kevin has increasingly become fascinated with the Northern Lights, and has built up a wealth of knowledge over the years as to how to increase your chances of seeing the Northern Lights taking into account weather patterns, moon cycles , solar pulses and daylight hours. Kevin is also a fervent believer in making sure that the break is action packed so you have a fantastic time , even if the Aurora Borealis does not show.

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