Abisko - Northern Lights Capital

Northern Lights trips to Abisko rank amongst the best in the world. The unique micro climate that exists in a pocket around Abisko yields an extraordinary number of clear nights - the perfect ingredient for Northern Lights hunters!

With 83% of nights having northern lights activity during the aurora season you have great chances of fulfilling your dream!

We have a range of market leading breaks to Abisko and Swedish Lapland that bring you the best the region has to offer.

When booking with us you have the full benefit of our years of experience in Abisko, the first company to develop northern lights holidays to this spectacular destination.

The Complete Abisko Experience Break couple walking in Abisko under the northern lights
4 Night break based in Abisko, the leading Aurora destination, packed with daily adventures! Huskies, snowmobiling and a full range of Northern Lights activities are included.

HIGHLIGHTS: 4 Nights at Abisko Mountain Lodge, Exclusive visit to Aurora Sky Station in Abisko, Snowmobile and Husky Adventure Days, Aurora Photo Evening in Abisko National Park, Train trip to the Norwegian Fjords & ICEHOTEL visit.
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The Northern Lights Grand Slam lights over lapland in abisko
Ultimate 7 Day trip to Swedish Lapland and one of the best places on earth for seeing the Aurora. This break packs in every experience you could wish for on a break to the Arctic - staying in cozy lodges and a fabulous wilderness cabin.

HIGHLIGHTS: Great Lodges, Husky, Snowmobile and Sami Culture Day Experiences. 6 nights of incredible aurora hunting including 3 in Abisko. Finally you have a day in Abisko National Park, a trip to the Norwegian Fjords and a visit to the original ICEHOTEL!
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Abisko & Lofoten Islands Northern Lights Adventure lofoten islands Norway with northern lights
5 Night Break to Abisko & Lofoten islands, both world renowned with Aurora Hunters. This unique itinerary is run with our friends and partners at Lights over Lapland and is limited to 8 people on a Private guided journey through Lapland's most scenic landscapes! ONLY 2 PLACES REMAINING

HIGHLIGHTS: Lodge Accommodation, Private Guiding, 3 Northern Lights hunts, endless landscape and wildlife photography opportunities, The Spectacular Norwegian Fjords and northern lights hunting in 2 of the best places on earth.
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'Best of Both' Twin Centre Aurora Adventure The Aurora Sky Station Abisko
This 5 Night Northern Lights Holiday combines our two favourite Lodges, the exclusive Máttaráhkká Northern Lights lodge and Abisko Mountain Lodge! Packed full of Aurora Hunting and Arctic Activities this gives you the best of what we offer in Kiruna Lapland!

HIGHLIGHTS: Visit to the Aurora Sky Station in Abisko,Aurora Photo workshop, Visit to Norwegian Fjords, snowmobile, husky and and Sami Culture adventures and a visit to the original IceHotel.
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The Iconic ICEHOTEL & Abisko Explorer ice hotel sweden art suite
This 5 night northern lights holiday combines 2 of Sweden's icons - the Original ICEHOTEL and Abisko, the top location for Northern Lights viewing.

HIGHLIGHTS: 5 nights of great aurora hunting including the Exclusive Dinner at the Aurora Sky Station in Abisko and a photo workshop in Abisko National Park. A night in an individually designed Art suite at the IceHotel as well as classic Snowmobile and Husky safaris.
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New Year Northern Lights in Abisko celebrating seeing the northern lights in Abisko national park
The Aurora Hunter's New Year Break based in Abisko, probably the best place in the world for consistent sightings of the northern lights.

HIGHLIGHTS: 4 nights in world famous Abisko, the aurora capital. Traditional sled dog and Sami experiences. Snowmobiling in Abisko National Park, Aurora Photo workshop, Visit Abisko's Aurora Sky Station and the Original ICEHOTEL
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Aurora Nights Abisko The Aurora Sky Station in Abisko
A Special Edition Break to Abisko with 3 incredible nights of unique Northern Lights Hunting! A Great Value break to Abisko, probably the best location on earth for consistent sightings of the Northern Lights!

HIGHLIGHTS: 3 Nights Full Board, 3 fantastic northern Lights Experiences including the Aurora sky station & Our Exclusive Aurora Photo Evening in Abisko National Park. Train trip to Norwegian Fjords and visit to World Famous ICEHOTEL
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Lapland's Coast to Coast Adventure northern lights in Abisko Sweden
Fantastic 6 night adventure that takes you from the beautiful Lulea Archipelago and its frozen seas to Abisko & the Norwegian Fjords with an action packed itinerary of great experiences along the way

HIGHLIGHTS: 6 nights Lodge accommodation, Great Husky and snowmobile experiences, Aurora sky station visit, Northern Lights Photo Workshop in Abisko, Ice Hotel visit & Spectacular day trip to the fjords in Norway
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The Best of Swedish Lapland Northern Lights Snowmobile Adventure
If you want to pack in all the best experiences the Arctic offers into one 8 day Northern Lights Holiday this is for you! It brings all of our expertise in Swedish Lapland together into one 'Bucket list' Break!

HIGHLIGHTS: Tree Hotel, ICEHOTEL, Abisko Sky Station; Sled dog, Sami and Snowmobile Wilderness Tours, Aurora Photo Workshop in Abisko National Park & Norwegian Fjords excursion.
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Abisko and Iceland Northern Lights Capitals Adventure Northern lights over waterfall in Iceland
Visit 2 of the world's premier northern lights destinations, South Iceland and Abisko in Swedish Lapland. A great journey bringing 2 contrasting experiences into one memorable 9 day itinerary

HIGHLIGHTS: Have a unique and private wilderness boutique cabin in Iceland combined with Abisko Mountain Lodge in Swedish Lapland. Great Aurora adventures including Abisko's Aurora Sky Station, Huskies & Photo evening. Volcanoes, Blue Lagoon, Geysers, Reykjavik and Stockholm
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Why Include Abisko in Your Northern Lights Trip

Abisko in Swedish Lapland is a small town with a big reputation for Northern Lights. Trips to see the natural light shows are enhanced by the stunning landscape that encircles Abisko.

Situated 300 kilometres north of the Arctic circle and on the border with Norway, the town is flanked by mountains on one side and the impressive lake Tornetrask on the other.

At only an hour’s drive from Kiruna, the main airport hub, Abisko is the most convenient base for northern lights trips. This regional airport has a regular flight service to Stockholm, Sweden’s picturesque capital city.

Spotting the Lights

We always recommend Abisko as the destination for travellers who want the highest chance of getting to see the Northern Lights on their holiday.

Abisko is in the northern auroral oval, where the solar winds are drawn to the magnetic poles.

The Gulf Stream brings fog to coastal Norway but this has cleared by the time it gets to Abisko, which is at altitude.

Uniquely, Abisko falls in a precipitation shadow. This is the result of the location and shape of the high mountains. Abisko has much less snow than the region as a whole and boasts the highest number of clear nights throughout the year.

Best Abisko Accommodation

Abisko only has a few lodgings but Dick and Mina Johansson’s Abisko Mountain Lodge is hard to beat for true warmth of experience, excellent food and jovial atmosphere. In 2015 their 4 bed superior extensions will be available for use by our Aurora Nights’ clients, on an exclusive basis, who join one of our northern lights trips.

Recommended Northern Lights Trips

Our Aurora Nights’ break includes many of the highlights that make an Abisko northern lights trip so memorable.

Get in touch and one of our experts will advise you on the best activities for you to experience in Abisko and the surrounding areas.

Northern lights trips are obviously about aurora hunting. In Abisko this takes on many forms but the most popular combination is a visit to the Aurora Sky Station with a ‘Lights over Lapland’ photo workshop and then perhaps a night time snow shoe walk in Abisko National Park.

Aurora Sky Station

From this elevated position on Mt Nuolja in Abisko, we at Aurora Nights have seen many spectacular displays over the years and feel very privileged that we were the company to bring it to the UK market. We recommend to anyone contemplating a northern lights trip to spend an evening here either as ‘night visitor guest’ or for that special occasion to enjoy the gourmet dinner in the sky station too!

The Aurora sky station rests 300 metres up the side of and is accessed by a 20 minute chairlift ride.

DIY Aurora Photo Shoots

When you join one of our northern lights trips we can offer you something really special that you’ll cherish forever.

Aurora Nights has teamed up with the photographer Chad Blakely and his company, Lights over Lapland to offer guests a celebrated aurora photo evening in Abisko National Park.

Whether you are a professional or have never held a camera before this is a really fun evening event that we host as a must-do for any northern light trip. Everything is supplied so all you need to do is to point the camera at the northern lights and walk away with some very special memories!

Daylight Activities for Your Northern Lights Trip

Daytime activities that enrich our northern lights trips to Abisko are husky and snowmobile adventures in Abisko National Park, ice fishing on Lake Tornetrask and ice climbing in Abisko.

Alternatively we highly recommend joining us with our Lights over Lapland partners for a spectacular day tour down to Narvik in the Norwegian Fjords. Not only is the scenery simply breath-taking but the whole area has a fascinating history dating back to the early parts of WW2.

Holiday Combinations for Northern Lights Trips

With our 10 years of offering northern lights trips to this region we have put together some excellent twin centre breaks. Our links with Kiruna and with our unique Máttaráhkká Northern Lights Lodge provide travellers with some popular bases for viewing the northern lights. Trips that are action-packed, with a new adventure for every day of your holiday in Swedish Lapland, can also be organised. We guarantee small, intimate groups of likeminded travellers.

Another popular holiday combination is to spend a couple of nights at the original ICEHOTEL, Sweden and then move on to Abisko for some serious aurora hunting.

For the ultimate in holiday to Sweden why not look at our famed Lapland holidays which can even include a stay at the eccentric Tree Hotel. If you want to stay longer and do more in Lapland then these longer trips, like the Coast to Coast Adventure, pack in all the highlights imaginable.

In short if you are looking for northern lights trips to one of the best locations on earth, known for consistent sightings of the lights, then Abisko in Swedish Lapland is hard to beat.

Give us a call and we’ll find you the perfect northern lights trip.
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