Special Occasions

Anniversaries Anniversaries
Celebrate your wedding anniversary with a romantic Northern Lights Holiday to Sweden or Iceland
Special Birthdays Special Birthdays
A Northern Lights Holiday packed with exciting Arctic Experiences makes for the perfect Birthday celebration!
New Year 2015 New Year 2015
Celebrate the New Year with fireworks and the Northern Lights in Sweden or Iceland. Spectacular fireworks, snowmobiling, husky sledding, superjeep tours.
ICEHOTEL Holidays ICEHOTEL     Holidays
A range of breaks to the IceHotel to celebrate its 25th anniversary in 2015. Experience the best of Swedish Lapland on one of our ICEHOTEL twin centre breaks.

Ultimate Northern Lights Holidays

At Aurora Nights we offer you a bespoke travel experience when you book your Northern Lights holiday with us. We are dedicated to making sure that you feel you’ve had a very personal experience from the start to the finish of your trip. And we promise you no large groups!

Live Your Own TV Documentary

Northern lights holidays take place in an environment that most people have only every seen on a TV documentary. We can give you the opportunity to see these natural phenomena in the flesh: an awe-inspiring experience for all our clients. 

Multi-SensoryNorthern Lights Holidays

Our unique approach to fashioning the best trip for you has always been based on our conviction that a smorgasbord of exceptional experiences makes for an ideal break.

We combine some sensational ingredients to craft some once in a lifetime Northern Lights holidays. From Husky safaris, snowmobiling, wilderness cabins, glaciers, volcanoes, ice hotels, Tree Hotels, fjords, the Blue Lagoon to some of the best wilderness in Europe you could not find a more adventurous holiday.

Special Occasions

We do countless special occasion trips. A Northern Lights holiday is the perfect way to celebrate a wedding anniversary or birthday. In addition we do a select number of limited edition Aurora Borealis holidays at New Year.

Specialist Destinations

At Aurora Nights we pioneered our holidays to offer a range of breaks to select destinations only for the best Aurora Borealis experiences. Following our exhaustive exploration of the whole region we were drawn again and again to Swedish Lapland and Iceland as the most rewarding destinations for our northern lights holidays.

Swedish Lapland and Abisko

We are experts in travel to Swedish Lapland and offer a true ‘coast to coast’ service for clients who either want a short break or an experience of the region on a much longer holiday.

Abisko in Swedish Lapland is our spiritual home and was the natural destination of choice 10 years ago when we pioneered our first breaks. Lonely Planet has recently, in this the United Nations Year of Light, named Abisko as the best place on earth for seeing the Northern Lights.

Here at Aurora Nights no one was surprised by this recommendation since we have always told our clients that they have in excess of an 80% chance of seeing the light show on a 3 night Northern Lights holiday between the months of October to March.

The reason for this is down to Abisko being in a low precipitation zone and at altitude. Coastal areas in Lapland often suffer from fog and cloudy skies while Abisko has many more clear nights – the fundamental ingredient you should be looking for when choosing a destination.

Our Northern Lights holidays to Abisko include all the typical experiences you would expect from a trip to Lapland, but Aurora Nights is able to offer you 3 totally unique experiences. Firstly the world famous Aurora Sky Station is in Abisko and forms part of all our itineraries. Secondly some of the best northern lights photographers in the world have made Abisko their home and an evening out with one of them catching the phenomena on film is an unsurpassed experience on your Northern Lights holiday. Finally Abisko can be easily linked with some of our other once in a lifetime experiences like the Ice Hotel, our exclusive Mattarahkka Northern Lights Lodge or the Tree Hotel, The Lofoten Islands in Norway and the emerging destinations of the Lulea Archipelago.

Icelandic Northern Lights Holidays

The other destination we specialise in for Northern Lights Holidays is Iceland, which offers a completely different Northern Lights Holiday experience. Replace huskies and snowmobiles with volcanoes, glaciers, geysers, a mini rift valley and whales and you have a break that bombards the senses with natural wonders!

With its frequently clear skies, the area around Hotel Ranga and Porsmork is our recommended destination for viewing the northern lights. Northern Lights Holidays to this region seldom disappoint. 

Surrounded by 3 glaciers that generate cool air currents which hold the clouds at bay, Porsmork has always boasted stunning Aurora displays. If you crave solitude from your Iceland Northern Lights holiday then we can offer you our exclusive and private wilderness boutique cabin.  Set in majestic scenery and surrounded by the stillness and beauty of the Icelandic night you can enjoy your own private Northern Lights Show.

Our Iceland twin centre breaks feature the wilderness Hotels Ranga and Ion with select hotels in Reykjavik that really allow you to see the highlights of Iceland in a short break!

Hotel Ion is a brand new boutique hotel spectacularly situated amongst Lava Fields near Iceland's famous Golden Circle with its erupting geyser, mini rift valley and dramatic Gullfoss waterfall . The Hotel is only 90 minutes drive from Keflavik airport but its remote setting away from all artificial light makes it a pristine spot for Northern Lights holidays.

The superlative Hotel Ranga has a fantastic reputation for a Northern Lights trip averaging a 80% chance of seeing the light phenomena when staying 3 nights. The staff excel with their service attitude and its location is right at the centre of the most exciting SuperJeep Tours in Iceland. From Hotel Ranga we can organise specially adapted SuperJeeps to take you to the top of the Eyjafjallajökull volcano onto the Glacier or to experience Porsmork as you fjord rivers and travel into the heart of the valley surrounded by towering volcanic mountains that look like the Mordur production set from Lord of the Rings. These holidays aren’t complete without a Northern Lights Hunt which is included either through the Porsmork valley or high up onto the Glacier where 1000 stars reflect in the snow.

All the hotels, lodges and cabins we offer have been visited by us: we know the owners personally and offer what we call ‘the home away from home’ experience to make your Northern Lights holiday truly unique.

If you are looking for a northern lights holiday then we can offer itineraries that we feel are hard to beat for both quality and value. The market for trips to see the Aurora Borealis has exploded in the last few years and so has the number of companies offering trips. We would like to think we make the experience of booking a northern lights holiday easy and that you will feel like you have had excellent service from the moment you make contact with us to after your return.

Our reviews will give you a flavour of what previous clients have experienced but there is nothing like putting us to the test for your own personal northern lights requirements.

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On a Northern Lights holiday you will often be offered the opportunity to meet the local Sami people. With their fascinating culture and interesting way of life that is so intricately linked to their environment, if you get the chance to meet them, you really must. You can ask questions and share time with the Sami while learning so much about their history and culture.
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A select range of Northern Lights holidays presenting you the best of Sweden and Iceland. Our 10 Years of offering trips to some of the best places on earth for Aurora hunting  has enabled us to create a portfolio of once in a lifetime journeys 

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